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Back too roots music, strong words and great drama, even the beat is so good

Jstep1990 responds:

Thank you Dealazer, I think telling stories is what hip hop's all about!

Could been an new Terminator Theme. What you need to focus on is to put good things in the start, don't put them at the end, it took long time to listen to the piano, but it could probably be good with some features of drumbells or other stuff that made Terminator Theme so popular, it can also be done with this track too, certainly, when it is at this point.

SoundSpectre responds:

Thank you for your feedback, i think you are right more elements could have been used, thanks :) and the terminator theme by brad fiedel is what inspired me to produce music, and still it inspires me :)

Well done track, but what is less good is the bass features of this track, kindly work on the low tones alot more to enhance it with more deeper working basses. As overall I liked the difference of sounds what made me go from 3.5 stars too 4 stars was the good synth you put on 1:40 it was that one that gave it a spark.

A good euphoric track indeed

Yes I did like the track, but somehow the choice of instruments were not my best effort to feel the tune, yes but you've made it real hard producing your tune, cause it has much of what it needs, I hear you use Nexus, maybe I'm wrong,, but anyway some instruments cant be changed so, you have to do something with the illusion to produce,, ye and this track is a good hard work of yours :)

Blizzaine responds:

Toxic III

For all the synths in this song.

Great Tune

Great but I've heard something like the synths from blank & jones hehe, maybe you got it from there but anyway that's cool for me, cause the tune is so great it deserves a good synthline :) keep up the good work for more production :) and don't get pissed of of me, cause I'm just complaining... hehe

Blizzaine responds:

Hmm never heard of them, so im pretty certain i didnt get any ideas from them :)

Thanks for the review!


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